Stuffed Marshmallow Cookie

4th of July Treats

Red, White, & Blue

What’s a celebration without some treats?! It’s July, so I’m talking about 4th of July treats!  You’re probably thinking of some pies and cobblers, those are delish!  However, here are some other fun treats you can make and take to your Fourth of July events! 


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“Dessert is like a feel-good song and the best ones make you dance.” – Chef Edward Lee

4th of July Treats

Fourth of July weekend, a summer holiday filled with barbecues, picnics, beach gatherings with family and friends.  It’s even more exciting this year!  You’ll be making memories by relaxing, playing, eating and/or watching fireworks.

Regardless where you’re at celebrating, food brings everyone together.  One part of the meal I look forward to is the dessert!  Here are my top four favorite treats for 4th of July!

Stuffed Marshmallow Cookie

Tasty and Colorful

So many more desserts to share, but these four treats for the Fourth will keep you coming back for more.  Believe it or not these are not as sweet as they may look.  The recipes from How to Cake It are more tasty than sweet.  So hard to explain, but you’ll understand once you eat them!

Have a great holiday weekend! You can find more of my baking journey here!


4th of July Treats

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