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About Me

Hi!  My name is Jo Ann Marie and here’s a little bit about me! I’m a mom to three amazing kids Zoey, Darian, and Audrey.  Married to my forever and their dad Adrian.  

First and foremost I’m a woman who sometimes finds herself a bit socially awkward.  What I mean by that is, I can find myself difficult to start small talk.  Majority of the time I don’t feel like I fit in.  However, when it comes to one on one deep conversations I seem to do just fine.  I am an introvert, which means I prefer to re-energize in more calm surroundings even though I love attending events and experiencing new things.  Even with being socially awkward and an introvert, that doesn’t stop me from know what makes me happy.  Nor keep me from loving baking, find cute clothing, or wanting to learn more about beauty.


stylish mom

Jo Ann Marie That’s Me!

  • First, I’m an individual
  • Secondly, a wife
  • Thirdly, a mom of three
  • Fourth, a person who just wants to share her interests in hopes to connect with others

about me

What Spark Joy

Inspired by Marie Kondo

What sparks joy is so much more than helping me through organizing my home.  It’s something I’m keeping in mind in all aspects of my life.  It took me so long to get to this place.  I still struggle with it ’til this day because I was used to forming myself into what I thought others expected of me.  Doing that almost my entire life led me to a really dark time in my life. I struggled with knowing who I am, what my talents are, and what my purpose in life is.  Through that time, with help, l realized what I can control and what my boundaries are.  I still struggle with certain things in my life, just like many, but now I can use the skills I’ve learned to place myself in a better state of mind.  Which leads me to using this platform to share what I’ve found joy in.  

Places and events would be one of the many things that we as family are excited about because we create so many great memories. Disneyland was our all time favorite place and we can’t wait until we get our annual passes again.  We love art exhibits, concerts, and amusement parks.  With COVID-19, a few of these experiences aren’t happening, but we can find other avenues to experience new and fun things.  

Through focusing on self development and self love, I realized I love learning and researching.  Learning and researching can only take a person so far.  Utilizing things I’ve learned and taking action is what I’m working on.  Here I’d love to share my journey in things I’ve learned from baking, wearing  Seint Beauty, crafting,  and even starting a side hustle even though I’m that socially awkward mom.