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    Muddy Buddies Recipe

      Muddy Buddy Recipe Fun ways to make this recipe to go with any theme!   Whip up a Snack Sometimes you just need a quick yummy snack for an occasion.   Maybe it’s “just because” you want to feel festive.  Well, here’s a recipe to make Muddy Buddies (courtesy of Chex) that you can add an item or two. Sprinkles are always a great way to bring out the color to your theme.  With this fall look that I made, I used Sweetapolita’s Pumpkin Spice and Takes Two to Mango.  Other ideas to spruce up your Muddy Buddies is adding candy into the mix. Mini sized candy bars usually…

  • Stuffed Marshmallow Cookie

    4th of July Treats

    Red, White, & Blue What’s a celebration without some treats?! It’s July, so I’m talking about 4th of July treats!  You’re probably thinking of some pies and cobblers, those are delish!  However, here are some other fun treats you can make and take to your Fourth of July events!    Dessert Mom Jo Ann Marie “Dessert is like a feel-good song and the best ones make you dance.” – Chef Edward Lee 4th of July Treats Fourth of July weekend, a summer holiday filled with barbecues, picnics, beach gatherings with family and friends.  It’s even more exciting this year!  You’ll be making memories by relaxing, playing, eating and/or watching fireworks.…