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Gift Guide for Bakers

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Mini dessert board

Gift Guide for Bakers

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Here’s a gift guide for bakers that I put together to give some ideas for your gift giving planning.  Any family or friend that bakes or maybe interested in baking, would love any of the following gifts this year!  You can pick a few items together for a themed gift that they would absolutely cherish!

Adding baking tools in their collection would be helpful in their next creation! Trust me, there’s always something new I may want to use to create a new dessert.  

If you’re the baker, maybe some of these items you haven’t seen before, then you should definitely consider in taking a look.  Some of these items I learned through classes I’ve taken.  Other times it’s because I’ve seen it through social media and thought it was a great idea.  So I might as well share all the things I’m using in the kitchen!


                          |1|                                                          |2|                                                               |3|                                                            |4|            

Don’t Wait Last Minute!

Sometimes you might think its too early to start Christmas shopping, but in a blink of an eye December 25 will be here!

Just look at how fast this year has gone.  I still feel like 2021 just started, but now we’re at the end of the year.

So don’t hesitate and stress yourself out later on.  Start now so that you can enjoy the holiday season.

Slow and steady wins the race right?  The earlier you start getting your gifts together, the more you actually put together meaningful gifts and have options.  Rather than getting what’s left.  I know I’ve done that a few times and would much rather get a gift that I know my family or friend will definitely love and use!

Check out the rest of my blog for other ideas for everyone you know.  You might want to check out my post on Holiday Family Pajamas or sign up to my Email List!

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