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How to HAC with Seint Beauty

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What is HAC?

Highlight + Contour

In order to know how to HAC with Seint Beauty, you might want to know what is HAC? HAC stands for Highlight and Contour. Simple to remember right? Well, it’s also simple to do, but let’s break it down.

Choosing Your Color

First things first you’ll need to choose your colors to build your HAC Palette. What your palette consists of are four colors which include the following:



Blush ( aka Lip + Cheek)


Don’t know what colors to choose? Take the color match quiz to help you start.

Color Match Quiz


What You’ll Need to HAC

You’ll need the IID Brush to apply your Seint Beauty colors and a Perfector Sponge to blend your colors. Now let’s get to each HAC step and a little detail of each part of your HAC Compact.




This color should be lighter than your natural skin tone. The yellow turns creamy on the skin and gives you a “lit from within” glow! With the small end of the hac brush apply this shade to the bridge of the nose, beneath your eyes and down the side of the nose in a pie piece shape, between your brows, on the chin and along the jawline.

How to HAC Highlight




This color should be deeper than your natural skin tone. It creates and accentuates the “shadows” on your face, giving dimension and a gorgeous sculpt to your face! Using the large end of the HAC brush apply the contour color round the edges of your face, down the neck, the side of your nose and beneath your cheekbones.

How to HAC Contourcz


Lip + Cheek (Blush)