Ways to Hydrate Your Skin

Hydrate Your Skin


Hydrate Your Skin

No matter the time or season of the year, it’s important to hydrate your skin!  

When you keep your skin hydrated it keeps your skin’s strength and elasticity.  There are other known benefits such as reducing wrinkle appearance, balance oiliness, and improve the ability to flush out toxins.

What does it mean to hydrate your skin?  We’re talking beneath the surface of your skin. The absorption of moisture to the cells to improve all that’s mentioned above.  Moisturizing seals the moisture to prevent water from escaping.

Ways to Hydrate your skin

Sheet Masks

Sheet Mask

Sheet Masks soaked in serum helps increases the skin’s hydration levels.  It will improve softness and flexibility to your skin to give a fresh-faced glow. There are so many sheet masks to help with your skin needs, but overall it’ll help with hydration.  Here’s one of my favorite sheet masks that my family and I use.

Egg Cream Sheet Mask

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Tea Tree Sheet Mask

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BT21 Sheet Mask

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Exfoliate Weekly

Add exfoliating to your skincare routine will give the following benefits:

  • Unclog pores
  • Smooth skin
  • Helps absorb products
  • Increases circulation and drainage
  • Removes dead skin layers
  • Evens skin tone

I’m sure there’s more benefits, but these are the first that comes to mind.  Here are a favorite scrub to use and smells so good too!

Physical Exfoliator

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don't skip the sunscreen

Use Sunscreen Everyday

I cannot emphasize enough the need to apply sunscreen daily!  When you protect your skin, it’ll continue to do it’s job to protect your body from external hazardous substances.  Here are more benefits of applying sunscreen:

  • Protect from the sun
  • Reduces Wrinkles
  • Limit of sunspots
  • Reduces risk of skin caner

Here are my favorite sunscreens I use.  The first is before I apply my makeup.  The second is if I either forgot to put on sunscreen before makeup and for reapplication during the day when I’ve already applied my makeup.

Suntique I Am Pure Cica Suncrea 

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Habit Sunscreen Spray

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Skincare Routine

These were just a few ways to keep your skin hydrated, which are some of the steps to a skincare routine.  Do you have a skincare routine?  Don’t know where to start if you don’t have one? I’ve got the information to help you get started!

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