Muddy Buddies Recipe

Muddy Buddy Recipe

Fun ways to make this recipe to go with any theme!


Whip up a Snack

Sometimes you just need a quick yummy snack for an occasion.   Maybe it’s “just because” you want to feel festive.  Well, here’s a recipe to make Muddy Buddies (courtesy of Chex) that you can add an item or two.

Sprinkles are always a great way to bring out the color to your theme.  With this fall look that I made, I used Sweetapolita’s Pumpkin Spice and Takes Two to Mango.  Other ideas to spruce up your Muddy Buddies is adding candy into the mix.

Mini sized candy bars usually have holiday styles come out and would be great to incorporate in your mixture!

Another option, which may change the taste of the Muddy Buddies, is using candy melts.  You can find some at Michaels.

For some folks, the taste of candy melts isn’t to appetizing.  If that’s the case for you, use white chocolate chips and use food coloring.  My favorite product to use to color chocolates are the Elite powders from The Sugar Art.

Last thought, that would help make your Muddy Buddies festive is the presentation and packaging!  In this case, you can pour your mixture in a Fall themed bowl!  HomeGoods is such a great place to find the cutest bowls!

If you’re giving them away, putting some in a plastic cellophane bag tied with colorful ribbon and embellished with a cute tag, would be so amazing!

Be creative in how you make your Muddy Buddies! No matter what you do, it’ll be such a delicious snack!

Here’s the PDF that you can print out and follow along.  Have fun and enjoy!  Fall Muddy Buddies

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Muddy Buddies recipe



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