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What is Seint Beauty Makeup?

What is SEINT Beauty Makeup?

Helping others look beautiful and believe they are beautiful. Because beauty is not our creation; it is our passion.

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SEINT Mission Statement

Beauty connects us.
It transcends time and knows no boundaries.
Seeking, experiencing, and cultivating beauty in ourselves and the world around us is a sacred work.
And that work—our work—is beautiful.
We see beauty in every face.
Our mission is to preserve and nurture it.
Everything we do and everything we create is based on what we believe in:
That beauty matters.
That helping others look beautiful is nice,
But helping them believe they are beautiful is life changing.
Beauty is not our creation;
Beauty is our passion.


SEINT Beauty

“..we see makeup as a vital way to care for and preserve the story of your life that you wear each day on your beautiful face.” – Cara Brook

Seint Beauty

What is Seint Beauty Makeup?

It’s a 3D foundation that enhances the beauty that already exists in every face.  It is makeup that helps others feel and look beautiful. It also helps mothers simplify their makeup routine.  The basic 3D foundation consists of four products; Contour, Highlight, Lip + Cheek, and Illuminator. Before I get into detail of each product, let me share my story of how I became a Seint Independent Artist.

powerful woman

Seint Independent Artist II

Jo Ann Marie

Hi! I’m Jo Ann Marie!  I’ve never been the type to put on make up in the past, but since joining Seint, I’ve learned a great deal and am no longer feeling like I can’t use makeup.  I learned about Seint, formerly MaskCara, in 2017 through a Facebook group I happened to be looking in and found a group member talking about the products. I did a search online, which maybe how you’ve found me, and saw these before and after photos.  It was just amazing to me to see the difference Seint made on so many individuals!  So I had to try and I ordered!

When I received my package, I have to say it was in such pretty packaging!  The branding for Seint is just beautiful!  It came along with guides on how to apply the makeup and Seint’s website also has tutorials that helped me follow along and only took minutes.  I’ll share my video on how I apply Seint.

For a person who didn’t really wear makeup and needs to use time efficiently.  Let’s face it, as a mom you don’t alway have uninterrupted “me time”.  

So let’s get to the details of each type of product that’s needed for a basic Seint palette.

Seint Contour


It’s a cream foundation that sculpts and accentuates your natural features to add dimension and definition. It minimized all the things you don’t love.

Seint Highlight


It’s a cream foundation that brightens and smooths your skin tone to give your face a luminous glow. It brings out all the things you love about your face.

Lip + Cheek

Lip + Cheek

It’s smooth and long-lasting cream that accentuates the flush of color in your lips and cheeks to warm your complexion.  There are three types: satin, gloss, and semi-gloss.

Seint Illuminator


It’s a sheer cream that adds a hint of light-catching shimmer to perfect your look.  That extra touch of natural candlelit glow. These come in cream or powder.








Seint Cream Makeup

Why Cream is Better

Cream foundation can be a very sheer coverage or a buildable full coverage, giving you the flexibility to cover what you want without hiding the things you love. Liquid and powder makeups tend to set, creating a dull and lifeless appearance. Creams act as a second skin. Their silky application and flexible wear create a buttery velvet finish!


It’s Compact

A whole makeup routine in one compact.  Your basic bundle is about the size of an iPhone.

You won’t need different palettes or bottles to scramble around for.  And it so much more organized.

Seint Makeup Bundle

how long does a seint makeup last

How Long Do Tins Last?

It all depends how much each person uses a product.  Highlights are used more around the face and can last between 2-4 months.  Contours are the next most frequent used product and can last between 4-6 months.  Lip + Cheek between 6-12 months.  Illuminators between 9-12 months.


You may find that it may take much longer to use some products because you want to use different shade during different times of the year.  I find myself trying different shade of Lip + Cheek, therefore I don’t get refills as often as I would a Contour.  Generally I stick with the same Contour color.

Double ended makeup brushes

What Tools to Use?

The best brush to start with is the IIID Brush. You’re most likely thinking you already have makeup brushes. The IIID Brush is designed for flawless and fast IIID application. The two sides are shaped to precisely fit in the contours of the face and to smooth in your highlight. Double-ended brushes save space in your bag and make your beauty routine a breeze.  It’s much more dense than your average brush.  Works so much better with cream.


I’m here to help!

I hope this page brings some clarity to the question “What is Seint Beauty Makeup?” and helps you see how it can not only save time, but help understand what the 3D foundation can do. Seint makeup is really amazing.  I’ve been using it for a few years now.  If you’re interested, but don’t know where to start? Let me recommend some colors for you!

Take the color match quiz so that I can get to know a little more about you and what you’re looking for and I’ll take care of the rest!

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