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Why Try Seint Beauty Makeup?

What is Seint Makeup

Seint Beauty, formerly Maskcara Beauty, was founded by Cara Brooks, a blogger/makeup artist, who believed that makeup should be used to enhance the true beauty in a person’s face.  

It is personalized to each unique face with a simple 4 step process.  A basic Maskcara palette consists of a contour, highlight, lip + cheek, and highlight.  Each color is customized with your choice of Maskcara colors which you can swap anytime because palettes are refillable. 

One refillable compact that is customizable to your needs makes a light, but full coverage that blends together creating a glowing complexion in just minutes

HAC Compact

“You can have your cake and eat it too.”

Reasons Why I Use Seint Makeup

Makeup isn’t something I ever really knew how to use. My mom always wore it, but never taught me.  I basically watched her put it on and just thought it wasn’t for me.  I eventually bought make up and mostly wore them when going to parties, but still I never thought I was ever doing it right. To be honest, I don’t think I did it very well.  If you haven’t read about me yet, you can do so here, but why that’s relevant as to why I use Maskcara makeup I’ll tell you a little bit about me now.  I never felt I ever fit in anywhere, besides now with my own little family, but because I felt socially awkward didn’t stop me from thing I enjoyed.  

How I learned about Maskcara Makeup was from a Facebook group I was in where someone’s comment mentioned Maskcara Beauty.  I was curious what that is and searched on it.  What I found, which maybe you have as well were all these before and after photos of women with no make up and next to eat with Maskcara makeup on.  I really found those photos amazing!  Seeing all different types of women of all different ages using the makeup and seeing the difference Maskcara made.  

I also noticed how a lot of those photos the make up didn’t look too much, it was simple.   On October 4, 2017, I decided to purchase a compact from a Maskcara Artist, when I did I didn’t purchase the 30 Second HAC Brush.  On my part that was a mistake, the brushes I thought was good to use didn’t work well. Maskcara brushes are so much sturdier to take on the cream makeup.  While I was waiting for my brush to arrive, I used my Maskcara compact and I was surprised how well I put on my makeup.  I didn’t think I can pull the contour and highlight techniques, but with Maskcara I did! 

Now, if you’ve landed on my page and haven’t seen the before and after photos I’ve mentioned above, let me share a few with you so you can see how amazing Maskcara Beauty make up is and give you more reasons as to why you should try Maskcara Makeup.

Before & Afters

Maskcara Before and after Maskcara Before and after Maskcara Before and after Maskcara Before and afterMaskcara Before and after Maskcara Before and after

Four Reasons to Try Maskcara



I’m not just talking about the casing, literally its compact and you no longer need to have separate compacts or bottles for each type of makeup.  Your whole routine fits in just one compact.



It’s a 4 step process for 1 complete look in minutes.  Contour, Highlight, Lip + Cheek, and Illuminator. 


Time Saver

I did say in minutes right?  Las it timed myself, I applied my Maskcara Makeup in 6:28 minutes!  Busy moms, you know how time is limited when you’re getting ready with multiple children! Trust me, this really is a blessing to have at home and especially on the go.



You can start off with a 4 piece palette to having up to 36 items in your palette. There are different sizes of compacts, that can hold not only your contour, highlight, Lip + Cheek, and Illuminator, but there are eyeshadows, perfume, lip conditioner, setting powder, and a bronzer!  And you can refill your compact by tin, you no longer need to throw a compact away with the colors you never use, because you choose all your colors!





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